Homeland — Something to Dwell Upon

Godot Art Productions brings a home truth to the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace

Written and directed by: Setareh Delzendeh

Featuring: Megan Nadain and Lawrence Hill. Photo Credit: Siamak Delzendeh.

Godot Art Productions is a non-profit company with a mandate to produce mulit-disciplinary works that juxtapose theatre, dance, music, literature, visual and media arts. The company’s latest project, Homeland, is a multi-faceted examination of the meaning of home in a hybrid setting of dance, live music and documentary film. The words of the people interviewed in the film are translated into a solo dance by Megan Nadain against the beat of drums and flow of electronic sequences performed by two musicians on stage. The result is a beautifully cultured and creative examination of the meaning of home.

Featuring: Megan Nadain, Reza Moghaddas, Lorenzo Castelli and Shahrzad Mojab. Photo Credit: Siamak Delzendeh.

The Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace is an appropriate setting for Setareh Delzendeh’s intimate story. The minimalist set and innovative use of light work well to showcase Nadain’s masterful movements, and the accompaniment of Reza Moghaddas (sound and design composition) and Lorenzo Casteli (percussions) provide a hypnotic background rhythm throughout. The film sequences feature speakers such as writer Lawrence Hill, and people from many different countries including Russia, Norway, Iran and Ethiopia, who offer diverse perspectives on the idea of home. Together their voices paint an authentic portrait of Toronto as a community of immigrants. The images on screen aren’t representative of the tourist’s Toronto, but the Toronto that we know and see every day as citizens. It’s the real Toronto that we call “home.”

Blending dance, physical theatre, live music and documentary film, Homeland is a truly unique performance experience. The 55-minute show leaves you wanting more and I couldn’t help but wonder if Delzendeh will make the documentary into a full-length film or television special in the future. This moving production deserves a wider audience.

Homeland runs until November 6 at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace. Tickets are available online at artsboxoffice.ca


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  1. Saghi says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Homeland on the opening night and was blown away by the performance and how stimulating it was. The music, light, documentary and the outstanding performance of Megan were so well balanced and well structured. The piece is reflective and thought provoking for new and old immigrants alike. I highly recommend it.

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