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Date: 2010/11/11
Time: 15:04:30

MUSIC-Madison Violet Duration: 00:00:26

Madison Violet are a Toronto based duo. Together the two women have been touring the globe non-stop for the past 9 years.

They've gone from Antigonish to Australia, Geneva to Granada.

They'll return to Toronto to play at the Open Doors Festival of Music. Its an annual event rasing funds and support for the Red Door Family Shelter. The event takes place November 24th at the Mod Club.

We played Madison Violet's tune Small of My Heart from their album No Fool For Trying.

MUSIC-Blackburn Duration: 00:00:25

Toronto's Blackburn are describe as a band of three brothers who play a mix of traditional blues mixed with an electric urban vibe.

Blackburn's music follows a rich legacy to the Underground Railroad which was passed down from their father Bobby Dean Blackburn. He was a keyboard player and seminal figure of Toronto's Blues and R&B scene in the 60's.

Blackburn will be at the Orbit Room this Sunday Oct 31th .From their disc, Brotherhood , we palyed Talk To Me

INTERVIEW: Ossington moratorium lifted Duration: 00:00:38

Over the past year, anyone interested in opening a restaurant or bar, on Ossington between Dundas and Queen, was out of luck.

The city -- under the request of councillor Joe Pantalone -- had put on a moratorium on issuing licenses to these types of establishments.

According to councillor Pantalone, the move was a necessary one... to deal with residents' concerns that their neighbourhood was on its way to becoming another Entertainment District.

But just recently, a local tapas bar learned the ban had been lifted.

Albino Silva is the owner of Salt Wine Bar. He's waited months for the news.

Robin spoke with him about this latest development and what it now means to his business.

MUSIC: Luisa Maita Duration: 00:00:18

The vocalist called The New Voice Of Brazil will make her Toronto debut on Friday at Lula Lounge.

Luisa Maita got her musical start early in life in Sao Paolo.

What distinguishes her music now though is her ability to mix traditional samba with electronic music and dance floor-ready pop.

From her CD Lero-Lero, we played 'Alento'.

MUSIC-Tanya Davis Duration: 00:00:23


Tanya Davis gets as much praise for her words as she does her music. She's not just a singer songwriter, but also a poet and storyteller --and a two time winner in the CBC Natioal Poetry Face-off.

These days Davis has been busy with the release of her third album, Clocks and Hearts Keep Going. She'll be in Toronto on November 24th performing at the Tranzac Club. From her new disc , you heard Pleae Bless

INTERVIEW: Yvonne Bambrick quits the TCU Duration: 00:00:30

One of the city's best known - and most vocal - cycling advocates has announced she's riding off into the sunset.

Yvonne Bambrick has been the voice of the Toronto Cyclists Union since she helped found it, back in the summer of 2008.

But last night she posted a farewell letter on the union's website.

No doubt some people are wondering whether her decision had anything to do with the election of Rob Ford as mayor, since he DID suggest he'd curtail new bike lanes on main streets.

Joining Here and Now to answer that question was...Yvonne Bambrick.

SCIENCEMichael Bhardwaj on war's legacy to science Duration: 00:00:21

We spent much of Remembrance Day today being reminded of the sacrifices of veterans. But it turns out that other facets of our modern lives owe a debt to war as well.

Science columnist Michael Bhardwaj was on to explain how many of the comforts we enjoy on a daily basis can trace their beginnings to scientific and technological advancements made during the Second World War.

SCIENCE Michael Bhardwaj on "mommy brain" Duration: 00:00:21

The sleepless nights. The constant rounds of feeding and changing diapers...No wonder many new mothers feel like their brains turn to mush once baby arrives.

There's even a name for it: "Mommy Brain."

Well, we may have to rethink that term, thanks to new research showing that the brains of new moms actually go through a growth spurt. The CBC's Michael Bhardwaj joinedus with the details

INTERVIEW" "We Will Remember Them" Duration: 00:00:22

As of today, 152 Canadian military men and women have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

They are mourned by their family and friends back at home...some of whom are profiled in a new documentary that airs tonight on CBC.

We Will Remember Them captures the stories behind the uniform. We spoke with Andrew Gregg, the director of the film.

We Will Remember Them. airs tonight on CBC Television at 8 p.m.For more information check out the interactive website .

MUSIC; Delhi to Dublin Duration: 00:00:20

Vancouver group Delhi 2 Dublin are out on the road for their first ever cross Canada tour. And though they chose the chilly fall months to hit the Trans Canada..Their mix of bhngra, reggae and electronic beats will help keep things warm out there.

They'll be in Toronto November 20th at the Mod Club.

From the album, Planet Electric, we played "The Happy Track."

MUSIC: Chris Giannini Duration: 00:00:19

Montreal singer/songwriter Chris Giannini makes pop music with a hint of U2 and Coldplay.He got his big break when a producer discovered him during a battle of the bands competition.

Chris has just released his first album, called If It's Me.He'll be featuring music from that CD at the Rivoli on November 19.

We played his song "Waiting For So Long."

INTERVIEW: "HOMELAND" Duration: 00:00:37

There's a familiar old saying... home is where the heart is. But for the thousands of people who now live in this city, defining where that heart lies isn't all that straightforward.

When Setareh Delzendeh arrived in Toronto from Iran, eight years ago, she began to ponder where her own home was.

That question ultimately led to her creating a multimedia play. And tonight, "Homeland" premiers at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace.

Setareh Delzendeh joined us in the "Here and Now" home -- our studio.

"Homeland" premiers tonight at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace and runs until November 6.For ticket information and show times, call ARTS BOX OFFICE at 416.504.7529.

Cleaning up the TTC Duration: 00:00:25

Rob Ford's winning formula in last month's municipal election included a promise to clean up the city's dirt.

And it appears today that one city department is WAY ahead of him.The TTC this week is just wrapping up a major scrubbing of its downtown subway stations.And a broader facelift is coming, in the months ahead.

Joe Mihevc represents St. Pauls. He's also vice-chair of the TTC.He joined Here and Now to explain what's being done - and why.

INTERVIEW: Doctor dollars Duration: 00:00:25

The Canadian Institute For Health Information says the pace of healthcare spending is slowing down.

Traditionally, most of our money goes to hospitals, then drugs and physician services. In that order.But a new trend is emerging.

According to a report released today, spending growth on physician services is outpacing that of drugs and hospitals.

To find out what we're paying for, we reached Raisa Deber.She teaches health policy at the University of Toronto:

MUSIC: The Trews Duration: 00:00:15

In honour of Remembrance Day we played a song from the Nova Scotia band, The Trews.

The song was written following the death of Nichola Goddard, the first Canadian female soldier killed in combat. She died in Afghanistan in 2006. The song is called "Highway of Heroes".

MUSIC-Sarah Harmer Duration: 00:00:38

Following Sarah Harmer's hit CD I'm a Mountain, the singer-songwriter took five years off to focus on political and environmental campaigns.

She helped co-found PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land). Only on occasion did she venture into the studio, lending backup vocals to Neko Case, Howie Beck, and Great Lake Swimmers.

As for her own music and lyrics, Harmer waited till the time was right to release them . As she sings on "Careless," "All the words that I've held too close to my chest, are calling on me now to get through."

Harmer did just that with her latest CD "Oh little fire". She'll be in Toronto at Massey Hall Novemeber 20th.

From the new CD, we played Captive.

INTERIVEW: Remember this documentary Duration: 00:00:24

Forget your keys this morning - or maybe your cell phone? Well you're not alone:Those are some examples of the things people forget, from the new film Where Did I Put My Memory? The documentary explores the power of our minds to both remember and to forget. And it's the work of filmwriter and director Josh Freed, who joined us to tell us more.

Where Did I Put My Memory? is the film. It airs tonight at 9 o'clock on CBC TV's Doc Zone.

MUSIC: Susan Boyle Duration: 00:04:59

An unlikely partnerhsip on an unlikely cover.

Then again, Susan Boyle -- of "Britain's Got Talent" fame -- has a penchant for the unlikely. And her latest single, a warbling cover of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" is no exception.

The collaboration follows a highly publicized spat from a few months ago Reed reportedly refused to let Boyle sing his song at a concert.

The Scottish singer was so upset about this that she cried.

Well, now, the pair appear to have made up. the Velvet Underground frontman ended up directing Boyle's video for the track.

You heard the result: Susan Boyle's cover of Perfect Day.

MUSIC-Njacko Backo Duration: 00:00:34

Composer and musician Njacko Backo moved to Toronto from Cameroon in 1998.

He started a band called Kalimba Kalimba to introduce what he calls the "sweet sounds of the kalimba" to a new generation of listeners. The Kalimba is a thumb piano.

These days Njacko Backo is giving performance at schools around Toronto and he'll be at Calderstone Middle School in Brampton tomorrow (Oct 29).

The event is part of Mariposa in the Schools. a program aimed at introducing Ontario school kids to professional and world performing artists. Many which includ dance, puppetry and oral stories.

We played Njacko Backo with, 'Noungue'.

INTERVIEW: Remembrance Day poetry Duration: 00:00:41

"In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow...."The lines of that poem are familiar to many Canadians. This morning, school children nation-wide will have heard them at Remembrance Day assemblies...

And many of us can recite them by heart.

But our guest today mused that, we may want to pause before doing so. Patricia Rae teaches English at Queen's University and has written extensively on the work of mourning in poetry. She pbserves that people are caught up in the beauty of the first part of the poem and don't really think about the last lines

The problem is the second part of it... "take up our quarrel with the foe" it's essentially propaganda. Not everyone believes it's an effective or appropriate poem to use on Remembrance Day

HAUNTED TO: Ghosts of the Winter Garden theatre Duration: 00:00:40

Halloween is just a few days away now.

And if you thought it was just for the kids...then you haven't been to the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre.

It's been known for some time as one of the city's more haunted places.

But rather than play that down, the theatre operators are SHOWING OFF off their ghosts this Halloween weekend.

They're holding a special guided tour that will feature some of the theatres' spookiest true stories - as well as look at the centre's magnificent old architecture.

Recently, volunteer guide Tony King took our associate producer Mike Smee on a preview of this Saturday's ghost tour.

For more information on the theatre centre - and the tour - go to www.

INTERVIEW: Diabetes in Jane Finch Duration: 00:00:42

In just under an hour from now, the people of Jane-Finch will be getting some much-needed help with a growing problem.

It seems their neighbourhood has an unusually high - and growing - rate of diabetes.

Rather than just talk about it in the classroom though, THIS group of academics is going to the troubled neighbourhood this evening.

They'll be meeting with some front line healthcare workers there. The hope is that by putting their heads together, these two very different groups can up with some solutions that neither side could alone.

It's a unique experiment. And the person who'll be moderating is Lesley Beagrie.

She's an associate dean in York's Faculty of Health. She joined Here and Now to talk about what SHE expected to come out of the get-together.

MUSIC-Dala Duration: 00:00:17

Toronto's Dala got their name from the last letters of their first names, AmanDA and SheiLA. They have a very busy tour which takes them up the eastern seaboard and into Toronto.

They'll be play two nights at Hugh's Room starting on Dec 17th.

From their album Everyone is Someone, we played Lonely Girl.

MUSIC-Carlos Bastidas Duration: 00:00:27

Toronto's Carlos Bastidas is a composer and plays the South American bamboo flutes.

He's also the winner of the Latin-American Achievement awards for best musical expression.

Even though he is classically trained on the bassoon, his music is a blend of Andean, Afro-Colombian and Jazz music.

He also teaches at the Royal conservatory of music.

Carlos will be at Trance Studio for a CD release party for his new album Latin Journey on Saturday December 4th. You heard him with 'Carolina.'

INTERVIEW: Ontario's best and worst roads Duration: 00:00:25

At this time last year, Steeles Avenue was number one on the CAA's worst provincial roads list...

This year, it's number one again... but on their new, best roads list.

While this may appear to be a stunning turnaround, Steeles isn't out of the clear. It's still on the worst roads list.

How can this be?

To explain, we were joined from the road, by Faye Lyons.

She's a spokesperson with CAA.

See more of the CAA's list here .

MUSIC-Yvette Tollar Duration: 00:00:23

As part of the FRIDAYS TO SING ABOUT series, Toronto vocalist Yvette Tollar appears at The Old Mill. She'll be with Rich Brown and special guest, David Braid.

Yvette Tollar's second CD "IMA" is made up of songs written by Canadians Dave Restivo, Joni Mitchell .. . and Yvette herself. You can bet she'll perform from it on Nov 12th.

You heard her with her version of Joni Mitchell's, 'Edith and the Kingpin'.

MUSIC: OutKast Duration: 00:00:21

In the world of hip-hop, there are few groups as inventive as OutKast.

The Atlanta duo has spent its career defying expectations, bridging their music with pop, funk, big band, Bollywood, soul and jazz.

Remember that song hit song Hey Ya?

Tonight, one-half of OutKast -- the M-C Big Boi -- will be at the Kool Haus. You heard him with OutKast, and a tune called 'Rosa Parks'.

INTERVIEW: Gas prices Duration: 00:00:22

Lately, it seems, filling up at the pump means emptying your wallet...

Gas prices have hovered at over a dollar for weeks now. And acccording to some reports, the average price of gas in Toronto is now $1.09 a litre.

If you're wondering why gas prices appear to be going up, Roger McKnight has some answers.

He's a senior petroleum analyst with En-Pro International.

He joined us, to share his thoughts.

INTERVIEW: Omar Khadr documentary Duration: 00:00:52

Since his capture nine years ago, two distinct -- and competing -- portraits of Omar Khadr have emerged.

There's the frightened teen, whose supporters claim is the victim of a radical father who ordered him to fight in Afghanistan.

And then there's the American government's version... that Khadr is a terrorist who took pride in killing an American special forces medic.

Just who Omar Khadr is, is now the subject of a new documentary.

"You Don't Like The Truth" uses footage from Khadr's now notorious interrogation by CSIS agents, and profiles him through interviews with former cellmates, government officials and American military officers.

The film shows tonight at The Royal.

And, the film's directors, Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez join me now to talk more about the film.

Their film screens tonight and throughout next week at The Royal. Tonight's screening at 7 p.m. will be followed by a q and a with Luc and Patricio.

HERE AND NOW THEME Duration: 00:12:00
Label: DEMO, 001200

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