Karevan Ensemble


Karevan Ensemble was founded in 2009 following collaborations between Kousha Nakhaei, a violinist and kamancheh (Persian upright fiddle) player, and Reza Moghaddas, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. They staged a warmly received concert at Lula Lounge in Toronto in May 2009, presented by Small World Music. In 2010, Lisa Patterson joined them, bringing a fresh taste of Eastern European gipsy style with her vocals and various wind instruments, such as saxophone and duduk (Armenian woodwind). The result was a sold-out concert at The Mod Club in August 2010.
Joining Karevan Ensemble multi-instrumentalist and percussionist Lorenzo Castelli; and Hamsseh Daneshzad, a daf (Persian frame drum) player and Persian soprano singer. They both performed in Homeland’s original production.
Karevan Ensemble has undertaken various pre collaborations with many artists and groups; and has recorded several soundtracks for documentary and feature movies.



Reza Moghaddas, Music Composer, Sound Designer


Reza started playing piano at the age of nine and entered the world of sound
engineering when he was 15. He studied Mathematics Applied in Computer at Azad
University and Computer Graphic Animation at Cavendish College. His professional
music career started in 1997 with Avizheh Ensemble and he won the Golden Sun
Prize with Avizheh for best post-revolution New-Age album in 1999.
He founded Bamahang Studios – the first digital recording studio in Iran – in 1998 and
registered Bamahang Productions in Canada in 2005. Reza has been involved in
numerous movie, theatre and music productions in Iran and Canada. He has recently
worked with Small World Music, Cherry Beach Sound, Harbourforont Centre, Toronto
Centre for the Arts, London Sun Festival, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Omni TV and
several universities in Canada. He was the artistic director of Tirgan Festival at
Harbourfront Centre (July 2008), and is co-founder of Godot Art Productions. His
music composition for Homeland was nominated for Dora Mavor Moore Awards in


Lorenzo Castelli, Drummer, Percussionist

A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Lorenzo had taught himself to play bass, guitar and
piano by the age of 12. He is now an accomplished student of jazz performance,
composition, arranging, and film scoring after graduating with honors from the Applied
Music Program at Mohawk College followed by the Berklee College of Music in
Boston. In his senior year, Lorenzo was awarded the George Delerue Memorial
Scholarship for the most outstanding film scoring major. Since deciding to focus on
percussion, he has played with world-renowned musicians such as Dan Weiss, Bill
Charlap, Greg Osby, Ian Froman and Darcy Hepner among others.


Lisa Patterson, Saxophone, duduk & Vocals

Hailing from Canada’s west coast, Lisa is a Toronto based composer, performer,
producer/engineer and educator. She is a classically trained musician who grew up
influenced by the music of her Romanian and Scottish heritage and studied
Composition, Improvisation and South Indian rhythm and vocals at York University.
As a solo artist, Lisa has commercially released 3 albums and 2 music videos, most
recently ‘Points of Departure’ with her global roots project ‘Roam’. She has toured
North America, Mexico, Europe and India and worked with renowned world music
artists Maryem Tollar, Soley Vaseghi, Lache Cercel and Cassius Khan. Lisa is
founder/director of imaginit music, a studio and music production company offering
innovative arts education and producing numerous recordings with award-winning
artists including Melissa Laveaux, Brenda MacIntyre and the Toronto Tabla
Ensemble. Imaginit music presents multidisciplinary concerts with social and spiritual
consciousness including fundraisers for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s work with
Panzi Hospital in DRCongo and Amnesty International. Currently, Lisa is Toronto
Playback Theatre’s resident improvising musician and a member of Indo-Electronic
outfit ‘Rakkatak’. Roam is in preparation for an October 28 multimedia showcase of
new material composed with Ontario Arts Council creator’s program.


Kousha Nakhaie, Violin & Kamancheh

Kousha Nakhaei plays the violin in a variety of styles, from spur of the moment open
improvisation, to the ancient music of the Iran, as well as western classical music. He
also carries the Persian lineage of kamancheh (spiked fiddle). As well as live
performances and recordings, he composes and improvises for theatre and dance.
He has collaborated and worked with Loreena McKinnett, Donald Quan, Ron
Korb, Peter Chin, Kaeja d’Dance, Kathleen Rea, Anne Bourne, and Soley
Vaseghi among many others. Kousha is also a passionate music educator, teaching classical and Persian music, recently leading a workshop with members of the Silk
Road Ensemble in Toronto.


Hamasseh Daneshzad, Daf and Vocals

Born in Pune, India and raised in Tehran, Hamasseh has a rare grasp of both Indian
and Iranian classical music in her musical palette, which is complemented by an
educational background in industrial engineering. At 17 she began playing the daf, a
Persinal frame drum, under the tutelage of Roya Yazdanseta, and developed her
group performance techniques with Ali Rahimi by playing with the Mehr Percussive
Ensemble, and had the opportunity to master her techniques with the great Bijan
Kamakar. After performing extensively in Tehran, she began collaborating with
musicians in Toronto, and is now a member of the Sarv Ensemble.