Godot Art Productions is a non-profit, Toronto-based company with a mandate to produce multi-disciplinary works of art that juxtapose theatre, dance, music, literature, visual and media arts. By innovative deconstruction of the ethnic, traditional and modern art forms, we create contemporary performances for a global audience. Our goal is to enrich the current artscape by providing local and international artists with a nurturing environment to create. Our inspiration is the human experience, its emotional and intellectual complexities, simplicities and beauties.






Who we are 



Setareh  Delzendeh

Founder/ Artistic Director


Setareh’s all-time desire to create performances that juxtapose different art disciplines led her to found Godot Art Productions. Her latest project before Homeland was Less Than a Half, a multi disciplinary performance in 2009.
Setareh is a graduate of Theatre Design from Iran. She has designed for several film productions including Protest by Masoud Kimiaei and was involved in making, designing and editing a number of short and documentary films in Iran. She has directed a short film, I Have Become, based on Peter Handke’s Self Accusation, and was involved in editing a short film, non-stop, by Afshin Liaghat. Since her arrival in Canada, she has worked with Modern Times as an Assistant Director (Macbeth 2005) and Assistant Costume Designer (The Sheep and The Whale 2007 and Hallaj 2009). Setareh won the Theatre Ontario professional training grant to assist Astrid Janson for Homechild (Canstage 2005) and Rigolleto (Pacific Opera 2006). Her other costume and props design credits include Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii (Theatre Muskoka 2005), Homebody/Kabul (Mercury Theatre 2007) and Aurash (Modern Times Stage Company 2010).  Besides working in theatre, Setareh was the Artistic Director, Production and Décor Designer for the Azure Dome Festival (2006), Décor Designer of the World Routes Festivals (2006), and Artistic Director of Theatre, Film and Décor Committees for Tirgan Festival (2008) at Harbourfront Centre.




Reza Moghaddas

Co-Founder / Music Director / Artistic Associate


Reza started playing piano at the age of nine under the instruction of Farman Behboud and Mostafa Pourtorab and entered the world of sound engineering when he was 15. He studied Mathematics Applied in Computer at Azad University and Computer Graphic Animation at Cavendish College. His professional music career started in 1997 with Avizheh Ensemble, that released two albums and performed more than 15 concerts over two years. He won the Golden Sun Prize with Avizheh for best post-revolution New-Age album in 1999.

He founded Bamahang Studios – the first digital recording studio in Iran – in 1998 and registered Bamahang Productions in Canada in 2005. Reza has been involved in various movie, theatre and music productions in Iran and Canada and has worked with many masters of Persian music, cinema and theatre such as Shadjarian, Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammadreza Lotfi, Kayhan Kalhor, Kamkars, Dastan Ensemble, Mohammad Nouri, Juan Martin, Bahram Beizaei, Kamal Tabrizi, Rasool Mollagholipour, Helena Waldman and Iraj Karimi.

He has worked as a freelance sound engineer, musician and producer with Small World Music, Cherry Beach Sound, Harbourforont Centre, Toronto Centre for the Arts, London Sun Festival, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Omni TV and many universities in Canada. He was the artistic director of the Tirgan Festival at Harbourfront Centre (July 2008), and co-founded Godot Art Productions, a non-profit company with a mandate to produce multi-disciplinary artistic projects.





Lida Nosrati

Co-Founder / Artistic Associate


Lida Nosrati is a translator and interpreter who lives and works in Toronto. She has a Master of Arts in Translation Studies from York University, and has published her translations of biographies of French and English writers in Iran. Her translation of Less Than a Half (a posture-play written and directed by Setareh Delzendeh) was staged in Gladstone Hotel in 2009. She is currently working on the translation of Chef (by Jaspreet Singh), and an anthology of short stories by contemporary Iranian writers. When she is not translating, she is knitting scarves, or testing drastically modified recipes on her madly generous friends.  



Siamak Delzendeh

Co-Founder / Artistic Associate